Thursday, September 6, 2007

Grand Cenia Condotel and Residences


"The DOT 7 reported that the overall visitor arrival in Cebu grew 23.87 percent, totaling 748,006, in the first half of the year compared to the same period in 2006."- Sunstar Cebu

As more tourists are visiting the country every year, hotel industry also flourish. That is why land developers are creating more ways for real estate investors to take a profitable advantage of this promising situation.

Condominium and business hotel merged into one to form the Grand Cenia Hotel and Residences. As a 'condotel', it is a profitable way of taking advantage of the current investment and tourism boom in Cebu, along with the rising number of OFWs originating from the area.

This internationally managed hotel is an investment that you can enjoy and earn money from at the same time. Pooled and operated as a business hotel, each condotel unit is never idle. You have a home when you are in Cebu and the units are rented out while you are away, earning for you a quick return on your investment.

Grand Cenia Hotel and Residences will be located in front of Cebu Business Park. This 25-storey hotel building is of European exterior and interior design. To explain further on how the developer meticulously designed this project - the hotel, at first, provided with only two elevators, but, since Grand Cenia Hotel and Residences is planned to be tied up with an international hotel management group, the number of elevators reached up to eight. Its aim is to give its guests and residents a great hotel living experience.

The building will be equipped with state-of-the-art hotel facilities. Such as the pressurized fire exits and stairwell. A smoke detector that will not only detect, but suck harmful smoke in case there is a fire. Giving high level of safety to the guests and residents.

The hotel profit will be distributed on quarterly basis. Aside from the quarterly profit that the condotel owners enjoy, they will also get 14 free hotel nights every year. And another 14 discounted hotel nights.

Grand Cenia Hotel and Residences is targeting to give its condotel owners a Return On Investment (ROI) of 15% or above. This is a higher rate compared to usual real estate investment ROI which is only 10%.

What Grand Cenia Hotel and Residences offers are:

  • Condotel units ( condominium units operated as hotel rooms )

  • Residential condominium units

  • Office spaces

  • Commercial spaces

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